The Judge's House is a 70 minute opera based on a short story by Bram Stoker. A beautiful gothic fantasy, it takes place in a small English village in the early 20th century.


When a mathimatical and logic student rents the house for the the summer, can he brush of the mysterious experiences he encounters as mere superstition or is there something to it?


With a tense atmosphere throughout, the six characters face their demons and beliefs to finally succumb to the legend of The Judge's House.


Richard III is a Weimar Cabaret style musical using the lyrical text of Shakespeare mixed with the jazzy torch song swing to tell the gory and tragic history of England's most controversial king.


Follow the doomed king guided by the club host as the story unfolds of greed, envy, wrath, lust and all the other deadly sins that lead to the demise of the tortured king.     

The Turn Of The Screw is a ballet telling the haunting story of a governess sent to a country house to teach two wards of a rich but disinterested uncle. Miles and Flora are two innocents who become corrupted by the ghosts of their former governess, Miss Jessel and her lover, Peter Quint, the roguish stable hand. Can their new governess fight the strength of the spirits to save the children? Or indeed, are there any ghosts at all, and is the governess suffering under her own delusions?    

The Midnight Gang  is one of four adaptations of David Walliam’s bestsellers into family shows toured around the UK with Heartbreak Productions.


We follow the moral and childly gruesome and extravert tales including Ratburger, Mr. Stink, and Billionaire Boy. Here is the finale “Big Beautiful Life’ sung by the original cast of The Midnight Gang summing up their experiences of the camaraderie of the gang and suffering under the austere matron.